Musculoskeletal aches and pains, has now become the part and parcel of our day to day life. It is rare to see, people who have never experienced any form of muscular pain. Lifestyle, long working hours, habitual posture, are some of the factors that are responsible for, on and off pain episodes. Be it a student, working professional, house wife or elderly , you are prone to develop or experience some sort of muscular pain at some point in your life.

When it comes to managing muscular pain, physiotherapy plays a key role. Being a physiotherapy professional, I’ve come across, many people who suffers from frequent pain episodes.

I use electrotherapy device extensively for the purpose of pain relief and healing.  The modality that I prefer using is, Ultrasound and TENS. These therapies are time tested, popular and safe. Many research have proven that. When these two modalities are used in combination, it gives better pain relief and healing outcomes.

There are many variety of electrotherapy devices that are available in market space, some are for professional use and some are for personal use.

Right now I’m going to talk about a unique electrotherapy device, which combines, two most proven therapies, ultrasound and TENS, into one unit named as SONICTENS. This is a kind of device that you can use yourself for the purpose of pain relief and healing.

SONICTENS provides the effect of healing with the help of ultrasound and pain modulation with the help of TENS.

SONICTENS is a creation of healthcare technology brand UltraCare PRO. This is a company, who is on the mission to improve the quality of life of people, by creating innovative pain management devices. The reason, which makes me the advocate of this brand is, quality of the products and quality customer service. I’ve been using their products past 2 years and I absolutely love their products. 

There are some features, which make SONICTENS stand out and these are:

  1. Body sensing technology:  Because of this, machine only starts working, when it touches the body surface, this feature saves device from the damage. This enables long life of the device.

  2. Automatic Shutdown: The preset timer brings the convenience of automatic shutdown. Hence, you do not need to keep an eye on watch to check the duration of the therapy.

  3. Overheating protection


Apart from this, its ergonomically suitable design, and the fact of being a portable device is something, which attracts me the most.


Being FDA and CE approved, it is safe for use and comes with quality assurance.

Clinically looking, this machine provides you, the benefits like

  1. Reduction in pain levels

  2. Healing of soft tissues

  3. Increase in blood flow

  4. Inactivation of trigger points.


The use of machine is pretty simple. To know how to use this machine, watch this video (video link with thumbnail)


This machine is absolutely safe to use, with no particular side effects, but you need to take some precautions like  

  1. Avoid the application on the open wounds.

  2. Avoid application near metal implants.

  3. Avoid application above pregnant uterus.

  4. Avoid application over malignant area.

  5. Avoid application over bony prominences.

(Disclaimer:  ensure to have a proper diagnosis and opinion of doctor if you have a chronic problem or history of any particular disease.)


Some common conditions were SONICTENS can be ideal solution are:

  1. Mechanical low back pain

  2. Neck spasm

  3. Cervical spondylitis.

  4. Knee pain

  5. Shoulder pain due to frozen shoulder, tendinitis.

  6. Tennis elbow

  7. Ankle pain

  8. Plantar fasciitis.

Since there are many application of this device and it comes with a compact and ergonomic friendly design, it is a SMART buy.  I absolutely love this product and would recommend for use to anyone who suffers from musculoskeletal problem. If you have any query related to this product, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Meghana DaveComment