Story of a brave senior citizen couple

It was my parents' 25th wedding anniversary. I was in college and, wanted to surprise my parents with my culinary skills. I made Paneer Butter Masala. My father enjoyed the delicacies prepared. He suddenly complained of severe ache in his stomach, radiating till the back. Initially, I thought he was making fun of me. However, got to know that he had serious illness and severe pain. He went to the doctor and the doctor immediately suspected it to be stones in the gall bladder. But, at the diagnostics Center, the personnel were more concerned about the size of his left kidney, rather than the gall bladder stone issue. It was detected that there was a cyst that had occupied the top portion of the kidney. It was benign fortunately.

The urologist, in consultation said that my father had 3 ureters by birth and that the 3 rd  had to be removed, since it was the cause of the cyst. The operation, scheduled for a couple of hours, went on for several hours. The doctors finally said, they weren't able to reach the origin of the 3 rd ureter and had to tie a knot in between. All these got us into a dizzy state.

We came back home after a week. My mom, a very strong woman, made sure my dad was revived back and brought to normalcy. While, in parallel, they were trying to look for means to avoid the gall bladder surgery. However, after 6 months, the ureter that was half removed was infected and, the gall bladder, that had multiple sandy stones also had to be removed in a 2 in one surgery. By then, the infection had spread to the lungs and bronchoscopy had to be done to remove the infection. Thanks to the attitude of Dr. Arun Narayan Swamy, who was then a urologist at Dr. Ramachandra Institute, Chennai. My dad had to get the excess puss from the infected gall bladder area removed a tube using Ampicillin injections.

There were several weeks where, I used to go to college from the hospital and back to the hospital. All our relatives, who were elderly made sure they showered blessings and prayers and positivity for my dad's speedy recovery. After keen care and good and healthy vegetarian good, dad got back to good health and brisk life.

In 2017 April, after nearly 20 years of healthy life after surgery, I was incidentally at my parents’ home. My dad was complaining of severe arm and back pain. Both, my mom and me attributed the pain to my dad's excessive hard work. However, at some stage, we realised and upon his wish, my neighbour Mr. Mahadevanji helped us and took him to a local clinic. Luckily, ECG was taken and since the results were erratic, he was rushed to Vijaya hospitals. He had a heart attack. It took 8 days for them to stabilize his body. Amidst so much of pain, my dad had walked to the hospital. They figured out there were 2 major and 2 minor blocks and he had to undergo angioplasty and 4 stents were installed in his arteries. My mom, the brave lady again, worked so hard, even at the age of 75 to make sure my dad was back to normalcy.

Till date, my parents have been washing their clothes. They say, they don't need a washing machine too. My father's briskness, his positive attitude, my mom's immovable faith and dutifulness have revived my dad back.My sister attended to my father for 5 weeks, leaving her kids behind. Family bondage and positive attitude play a major role.In 2018, my mom was diagnosed with cancer of the right breast. She had lumps, which looked similar to fat deposits. My mom was always brisk and energetic. However, having noticed this lump, I took her to the Breast clinic to get her examined.After tests after tests, including PET scan, it was diagnosed as mucinous carcinoma, which is less aggressive kind. She fought back so bravely. Initially, due to the large lesion, there was a question about having to undergo chemo therapy due to the modern methods JUST to reduce the lesion. Chemo was NOT required otherwise.Dr B.S Srinath, who is the oncologist for my mother immediately took up a risky surgery and he even avoided doing a graph ting, which was otherwise planned due to the big lesion that had touched the chest wall. My mom had her surgery of the breast, which was complicated. However, her briskness and steadfastness helped her revive back. Her attitude towards daily chores and prayers kept her strong and positive. Just as we expected, she took the radiation therapy very positive.

My sister was with us, taking care of my mom, while I was doing the cooking and house hold chores required for the entire family. Nutritious food, staying together in harmony and positivity and the CAN-DO attitude are so important. There were days where my mom felt tired and low.  But, she never let herself down. My entire family was very supportive and accommodative. While being at home, She used to teach my kids strict routines, deal with their study even while undergoing radiation. She has set such a good example for all of us. Initially, I was hesitant to let my parent go back to their home town and be on their own. However, I am feeling very proud and happy that are able to manage independently. Both my dad, who had multiple stents installed and my mom, are doing everything on their OWN. During the Vara Mahalakshmi Pooja held last week, just 2 months after her surgery, She had prepared all the delicacies and did the Vratha. She is continuing her daily walk and chores. I am so proud of her. I keep telling her that I take motivation from her to be independent and strong.

Love u MOM and DAD!!

I am proud of my family

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